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The rapid outbreak of COVID-19 has many customers concerned about meeting health and safety guidelines to keep themselves and those around them away from potential infection.

One Direction Australia is actively working to ensure that work spaces are kept not only clean, but disinfected so that our customers are given peace of mind.

Our disinfection cleaning service for COVID-19 utilises hospital-grade disinfectant. We are proactively taking all recommended precautions to keep our customers, cleaners and team safe from COVID-19.

Through our thorough office disinfection services, procedures of misting and/or fogging of your office, our environmentally friendly product kills 99.9% of pathogens (germs) while also creating a protective film on the targeted surface.

Our Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser Spray has been tested against a good range of pathogens and further information can be supplied upon request.

Highly Trained Specialists

Sanitisation and disinfection specialists are equipped with certification in infection controlling training in Covid-19

Kills 99.99% of Germs

Our Specialists will operate a fogging machine which will disburse the solution throughout the premises to minimise the spread Germs and Viral Infection

Procedures of department of health

Our Fogging and Deep Cleaning Services are done according to the procedures outlined by the department of health.

Four Step Process

We follow a Four-Step Cleaning process that involves disinfection and sanitisation all the areas to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Commercial and Domestic

Our friendly and highly trained staff is competent in both domestic and commercial environments.

Same day Scheduling

We offer same-day inspections and services for those who require Urgent services. Our specialist will visit you once you book an appointment.

Disinfection Process

The standard cleans we provide are effective when removing dust/dirt/germs from your home and working premises. Disinfectants are a necessary component in cleaning to ensure all bacteria and potential viruses are eliminated.

Regardless of your type of organization we will customise any of our cleaning services to your specifications.

We make sure that the best practice recommendations for health provider cleaning are followed. Special disinfectant services are also offered for homes.

We follow leading health service recommendations for cleaning environments that include places such as:

  • horizontal surfaces
  • walls that are visibly contaminated
  • regularly touched items.

In serious situations like suspected/confirmed outbreaks, our specialist cleaning team employs full appropriate PPE, including a jumpsuit, gloves, and eyewear & mask or a full-face respirator. Each one of our cleaning services involve soap-based cleaning supplies which are proven to be effective at breaking down the COVID-19 virus.

We use a freshly made bleach solution and follow manufacturer guidelines for the dilution process. We recommend this cleaning process at least twice per day to ensure regular disinfection of surfaces touched throughout the day.

  • All touchable surfaces are wiped down with PH-neutral cleaner as it is dispensed. This breaks down any fats, oils and neutralises any bacteria on the surface. The surfaces will be wiped down with cold water to remove the PH Neutraliser from the surface.
  • These surfaces are then treated again with relevant products (agreed by the facility). It is to remain on the surface for at least 10 minutes allowing sufficient time to sterilise the surface and kill potential viruses.
  • After a minimum of 10 minutes of sterilisation, all touchable surfaces are wiped down with cold water. This will prevent products from adversely affecting the surface material.
  • We will ensure all surfaces are dry at completion.

Four Stage Cleaning Process

Covid-19 Cleaners Hobart

Safety Precautions

We provide thorough guidelines for our staff to ensure that all safety precautions are met. This includes:

  • The regular change of gloves and washing hands in between each work area
  • High focus on frequently touched surfaces
  • Ensuring appropriate order of cleaning and disinfection: from non-infected public areas, non-infected areas and finally to infected areas.
  • Proper use of sanitisers before, during and after cleaning shifts.

Our cleaners will perform a standardized cleaning service and follow relevant checklists. You can be sure that all types of germs are killed throughout the areas of the place that you get cleaned.

Chemical Sanitisers to reduce covid-19:

The effectiveness of chemical sanitisers can be directly determined by temperature, PH-levels and concentration of the sanitiser solution used. All surfaces need to be free from any dirt or rubbish as it can inactivate many disinfectants.

To combat COVID-19, thorough cleaning is required. The length of time that SARS-COV-2 (the cause of COVID-19) survives on surfaces will vary depending on factors such as the amount of contaminated fluid (i.e respiratory droplets) and environmental temperature and humidity.

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